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2018 – 2019 Key Renewal/Application Form Indemnification and Declaration

I hereby apply for a key for access to KARTSPORT WELLINGTON INC kart track. I undertake to abide by the rules of the Club. I acknowledge the Club’s right to refuse my key request on any grounds by formal advice in writing. The Club’s financial year ends 31st March.

I/We consent to the collection of the above details by KartSport Wellington Inc. for the purpose of membership record and for KartSport Wellington to retain and disclose these to SPARC, funding agencies and sponsors.

I/We acknowledge my/our rights to access and correction of this information. This consent is given in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.

I HEREBY AGREE to fully indemnify the associations known as the FIA, the CIK, the KNZ, the WPKA, KartSport Wellington Inc., the Upper Hutt City Council, the Greater Wellington (Regional) Council, all sponsors and all or any members, officials, assistants or employees or the above named or known organisations against any injury or accident to myself or damage to my kart or equipment whether in practice or competition. Minors (under 18) must have parental or guardian’s signature approving conditions of entry and present during racing or practice and to represent a minor at a judicial hearing.

Abbreviated Key/Track Rules

Non-Club Day Practice

You may not drive a kart without another person present. This other person must be capable of obtaining or giving assistance in the event of an accident. Would also be handy if they had a cellphone available in case of an emergency.

Practice sessions are for a maximum of 15 minutes if another kart is waiting. Separate sessions are required for Cadets, Junior Restricted, Juniors, and Seniors, i.e. only karts from one of these classes may be on the track at any one time.

Protective clothing and an approved helmet, as per the KartSport NZ Licence book, must be used during any practice session.

The track is available to members on any non-Club day unless otherwise advised via email. Please restrict your usage to between 9.00am and 5.00pm.

Your Responsibilities

When you open the gate you must lock it again when you have entered. This ensures that non-club members do not enter without your knowledge and provide a possible conflict with OSH requirements.

You may practice only between 9am and 5pm. Practice outside these hours may result in your being expelled from the Club and will certainly create problems with the Clubs neighbours.

You are responsible for making sure that the track is secure when you leave. If you found (or created) any damage to the track or buildings, please ring the President or Secretary as soon as possible. The Club carries comprehensive insurance. Keys are of restricted form and cannot be duplicated without permission of the Club Executive.

Kartsport New Zealand Practice Requirements

Kartsport Wellington will only issue keys to the track to those members who hold a current Kartsport New Zealand Racing Licence or Kartsport New Zealand Practice Licence. You must hold a current one of these Licences at anytime you practice.

Non-Member use of WKC Track and facilities

If you are a full driving member you may bring a prospective driver for trial laps. Before driving, this person must sign an indemnity form (available on noticeboard at end of Kartport 9) and you must forward the form to the Secretary as soon as possible or put in the mailbox by the tech shed. The person must wear full protective equipment as required by KartSport NZ rules.

A membership application must be made if any further practice sessions are considered. Forms are available from the Secretary, clubrooms and on our website.

Unauthorised Persons

Please ensure that no unauthorised person uses your facilities and protect your clubs facilities against damage by making sure that everything is secure before you leave.

Applicants under 18 years old must provide the contact details of a Parent or Guardian.


I confirm that I have read and understand the rules and regulations of Key and Track use at KartSport Wellington, and currently hold the required Kartsport NZ Licence. I acknowledge that by not abiding by these I run the risk of being expelled from the club with no refund of any fees.

Please make your key fee cheque payable to “KartSport Wellington Inc.” and forward to The Secretary, P O Box 38 994, Wellington OR Pay by Funds Transfer or Credit Card to Westpac bank account 030525 0243128 00 with a reference “Key Fee”.