Practice Rules, Responsibilities and Form

To use the facility, you must be a current KartSport NZ license holder, PLUS:

  • Be a current member of KartSport Wellington, or
  • Have paid the $55 per day practice fee via the form below, then collect a facility key from one of the contacts below and return the facility key after use

Your responsibilities:

  • You may practice between 9am and 5pm only. Practice outside these hours may result in your being expelled from the club or have your right to practice removed with no refund.
  • Please re-lock the gate after you have entered the facility. This ensures that non-club members or those who have not paid their practice fees do not enter the facility providing issues with our Health and Safety requirements.
  • Track sessions are 10 minutes per class – No mixed class practicing.
  • You are responsible for making sure the track and buildings are secure when you leave.

If you find (or create) any damage to the track or buildings please contact either the Club President or Club Captain:

Club President: Brent Melhop – 021 638 082
Club Captain: Wayne Keats – 027 443 4812

Fill out my online form.